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Do you find yourself looking for a Divorce lawyer in Delhi to sort out a messy divorce? Do you need an experts opinion to understand how to go about it all? If yes, then you will be offered an insight into the best divorce lawyers in the Delhi region right here on this page. You, of course, can not settle for an amateur in this field as legal matters should be dealt with by professionals with enough experience under their belt.

What Services our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi provide?

Divorce Settlement

Sometimes, marriages do not work out, and it is completely fine. What is not fine is when there are no set boundaries regarding financial or business matters after the separation. These matters should be dealt with and fixed as a final legal agreement between the couple before they split. This helps a lot in sorting out the financial or business responsibilities without further aggravating the situation between the people. A legal expert who can sort out matters and reach a concluding agreement between the two parties is most sought after. Thus, we have this exclusive section dedicated to the experts in this field.

Divorce Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we understand how difficult it must have been to speak out. Coming out of an abusive relationship can take a physical and emotional toll on your health. Add in multiple visits to multiple lawyers to this mix, and you get a disastrous recipe for a spiral into ill health. We want you to avoid the unnecessary hassle of visiting numerous lawyers before you find one that understands your plight and takes your case. This is why we have the best lawyers for domestic violence right here.

Child Custody

Handing over your precious children to an irresponsible spouse can be a living nightmare. Every parent wants to spend priceless moments with their children, and losing these moments in a custody battle can be harrowing for every parent. If you simply want to live with your children because you can provide for them in much more abundance than your spouse, you can definitely avail the help of these lawyers who are well versed with such cases. You can even decide how the children can spend time with both the parties if desired. Reach out to the one that suits you best and spend your precious moments with your child.


If a person is unable to support themself financially, then they can demand that their partner provide them with some monetary help or sustenance that will provide them with the basic necessities. This is, however, done with mutual understanding between both the parties. Sometimes, the parties can not reach an agreement, and the negotiation process becomes really harrowing. It even takes a toll on the mental health of both parties. In such a situation, a lawyer who has dealt with multiple similar cases can work miracles for you and get the negotiation process on a smooth track. If you need help to sort out any alimony related issues, you can contact the lawyers mentioned in this section.

Divorce Petetion Drafting

Before the actual proceedings of a divorce, you must draft out a divorce petition that is per both the parties. It must include the signatures of both the parties, details of the alimony, and more. Since this is a legal document that can be interpreted in multiple ways, it is always recommended that you seek the help and guidance of an expert lawyer. Not only will it help you in keeping the details of the understandable but also it will help you include any points that may have been skipped. This petition consists of some conditions that should be met, and a lawyer will definitely help you sort them out.

Mutual Divorce

If two people have fallen out of love and are not able to maintain the holy matrimony of marriage, they can choose to end the marriage with each others consent. Such a divorce is comparatively more straightforward and more peaceful than a contested divorce wherein only one partner seeks a divorce. For a mutual consent divorce, there are specific prerequisites that you must fulfil and these conditions can be better explained to you by a legal professional who is adept in this field of legal work. If you and your spouse are looking for a lawyer who will guide you through this process, hassle-free, then go through this section for the ideal lawyers who can help you.

Divorce Lawyer FAQ's

Hiring a lawyer for any legal case is always advisable. The Law & Order system of our country is intricately woven and requires multiple years of theoretical and practical study to be well understood. Who is better at this than a professional lawyer? A lawyer can clear your doubts and give you advice that you may not have foreseen, all thanks to their expertise in this field.

Before you go out looking for a lawyer, first determine the exact nature of your query. Once you have done that, you can focus your attention to shortlisting potential lawyers by searching online. Next, you can go through past reviews (if available) to determine their expertise. Fortunately, we have done all the work, and we have listed the best lawyers of their respective categories on this website.

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